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                Dog Training Private Lessons
          Puppy Training Package
             Most  owners would like their dogs to; 

   Get housetrained ASAP
1. Walk on loose leash 
2. Feel comfortable in her/his crate
2. Meet and greet strangers; (people, dogs, other pets) politely;
3. Come back when they are called
4.Stay/wait, Settle when they are told;
5 Not pick up everything from the ground
6. Not to chew on everything
 7.Prevent or stop another unwanted behavior.
 8. Stay home alone when needed
                                                                                                                We gladly offer this particularly designed package for your new addition!                      
In this course we work on the basic of the Domestic Dog Training program with the purpose of achieving a good foundation for a controlled and enjoyable companionship between the owner and his 4-legged friend.
The  package   includes  intaractive sessions with other dogs according to your puppy age  and socialization with stranger people and environments.         
   The course includes:
 6 weekly sessions, lasting 1 hour each.        
 Exercises are designed for the puppies 4 -12 month old.
COST; $490.00

                                                                                                                                                                                                                Dog Training Private Lessons.
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